Classic car hire for matric and graduation

Today’s young students leaving school seek new and fun ways to celebrate their matriculation. Classic car hire for matric has become very popular amongst school leavers in particular. And for good reason. To be picked up by a vintage car on the last day of school creates a truly long lasting impression of a once in a lifetime event. The festive nature of the day with all its finery and smart clothes is complemented wonderfully with a glamorous and stylish and classic car.

Classic car hire for matric

One of the main reasons that vintage cars have become so popular is that they evoke nostalgia and dreams – the dream of being whisked away to a colourful place of indulgence where fantasies are realised. It’s fair to say that a car really can be much more than just a means of getting from A to B. Classic cars create a truly magical atmosphere with their indulgent design features, sumptuous colours and proudly booming engine.

Both the family and classmates are going to be awestruck when they see the car waiting to drive the happy students from their matriculation ceremony.

Drive to your matriculation ceremony in anything from a Ford or Volkswagen to a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari

With us you’ll find a whole range of vehicles suitable for matriculation or graduation parties. We have access to all the big brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche – amongst many, many others – and can also offer a wide range of vintage buses for larger scale parties. It’s hard to imagine a more fun way for a group of close friends to end their schooldays than to be driven off from the school premises for the last time in a colourful vintage bus.

Not surprisingly, boys and girls tend to have different tastes. It’s usual for boys to go for horsepower and a streamlined design, and so they often choose Italian sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. Whereas girls tend to favour classically romantic vehicles like Rolls-Royce which allow them to feel elegant and dignified. Having said that, of course everybody has their own unique taste, and all possibilities are open to anyone.

The best graduation photos

Not only does a classic car create a glamorous and stylish means of transport to and from the matriculation party, it also opens opportunities for amazing party pictures. The bright colours, lavish design and shining bonnet of a majestic vintage car are all winning elements for party snaps of an event of a lifetime. What better way to remember the end of one’s schooldays? Classic car hire for matric guarantees everlasting fun-filled photos of the event.

Matric transport made simple

So have a browse through the wide selection on our website and find the dream car for your graduation party. The young tend to have a particular car in mind that suits both the event and their dreams. So let the event dictate the car you choose and make it the experience of a lifetime that neither you, your family or your friends will ever forget. When it comes to classic car hire for matric, the possibilities truly are endless.